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Longstock Eel Traps

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Longstock Eel Traps

Reference: HA102
Location: Hampshire
Gallery: Hampshire,

After several very overcast days a break in the clouds was forecasted with some mist possible at dawn. I headed to the eel traps at Longstock and set up an hour before sunrise, I allowed extra time so I could divert to Chilbolton Common if conditions looked better there. The viewpoint at Longstock looks north east and so I would have side lighting at sunrise although, unfortunately a bank of cloud at the south eastern horizon prevented this. However, with the sun still well below the horizon it lit the higher clouds from below turning them a lovely pastel pink colour and there was just enough mist to add plenty of atmosphere. The pre sunrise light was very cool with a hint of magenta. Just after I took this image a hunting Barn Owl flew a few feet above my head and on down the river.