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Summer Butterflies - St Catherine’s Hill (4 hours)

Summer Butterflies - St Catherine’s Hill (4 hours)

Summer Butterflies - St Catherine’s Hill (4 hours)

£79.00 per person

Location: St Catherine's Hill, Hampshire
Max Attendees: 3
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A chance to photograph some of Britain's most attractive wild flowers and insects. The National Nature Reserve at St Catherine's Hill near Winchester is home to an exceptional collection of plants and animals associated with chalk downland and scrub habitats. The reserve includes many attractive downland flowers and is one of the top Butterfly reserves in the region. The beautiful Chalkhill Blue Butterfly is a speciality and will be on the wing when we visit. Grasshoppers also start appearing in August,

I will talk you through basic macro techniques and I will explain how I would approach getting great images of flowers, butterflies and other insects. Most of the birds, butterflies, bumblebees and flowers we see I should be able to identify and so I will be able to point out anything interesting to you.

As we move around the reserve I will also let you find your own subjects and I will be on hand to help you improve your technique. This is a workshop I really look forward to and I'm sure you'll enjoy it too.

What you will learn

Other than any specific requests you have I would expect to cover:

  • Exposure and metering.
  • Accurate focussing and field craft to maximise depth of field.
  • Isolating the subject and selecting harmonious backgrounds.
  • Histograms – an essential tool to ensure maximum detail is captured & nothing lost.
  • Composition – some basic rules to help you obtain a well balanced composition.
  • Understanding the benefits of shooting in RAW as opposed to jpeg.
  • Outdoor lighting including LED lights


On the day you will need as much of the following equipment as possible:

  • A digital SLR or a camera capable of manual control.
  • A macro lens if you have one.
  • A tripod (although not essential).
  • A spare battery and a spare memory card.
  • Something to eat and drink.
  • Notebook and pen.