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Lepe Beach Landscape Taster Session

Lepe Beach Landscape Taster Session

Lepe Beach Landscape Taster Session

£45.00 per person

Location: Lepe Beach, Hampshire
Max Attendees: 10
Group Pricing:

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What you will learn

Other than any specific requests you have I would expect to cover:

  • Taking control and getting the best from your camera
  • Understanding camera settings and the basics of using your DSLR camera
  • Understanding the inter-relation of ISO, aperture & shutter speed.
  • Exposure and metering, switching to manual settings.
  • Focussing and maximising depth of field
  • Getting the best out of the natural light (best times of day to shoot)
  • Filtration - getting natural results by using graduated filters to balance the exposure difference between lighter skies and darker foregrounds.
  • We will also discuss polarisers and long exposure filters
  • Histograms – an essential tool to ensure maximum detail is captured & nothing lost
  • Composition – some basic rules to help you obtain a well balanced composition
  • Understanding the benefits of shooting in RAW as opposed to jpeg
  • A full set of course notes will be e-mailed to you after the day.


On the day you will need as much of the following equipment as possible:

  • A digital SLR (preferably) or a camera capable of full manual control
  • Lenses with a range of focal lengths including wide angle
  • A sturdy tripod
  • I will show you how graduated filters, polarisers and long exposure filters work but bring your own if you have some.
  • Cable Release
  • Warm clothing and good sturdy footwear
  • A spare battery and a spare memory card