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Corfe Castle

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Corfe Castle

Reference: DO237
Location: Dorset
Gallery: Dorset,

The forecast for the next day was for gale force winds and ‘feels like temperatures’ plummeting to -8 degrees! There was also the chance of snow which 2 weeks previously had brought the region to a standstill. At the last minute I decided to risk the brutal conditions and headed down to Dorset. The next morning I woke in the Swanage guesthouse with ‘too much’ light flooding through the curtains and I knew it had snowed. I managed to get off the guest house drive and avoided the impassable back roads and arrived at Corfe. Having spoken to a few people who were already on their way down the hill I decided to venture up to the top from the shallower slopes on the south west side as the normal routes were too steep and treacherous to risk.