Chris Button Photography




"Thank you so much for such a thoroughly enjoyable and great day; both Chris and myself had a fantastic time. Your approach was spot on, with just the right amount of teaching input and time to explore our cameras, lenses and filters. Catering for our range of abilities you explain things really clearly and simply in a friendly and informative manner that just made the time disappear. We both learnt so much and as so often it is the simplest tips on how to achieve the results that stick; it has certainly rekindled my enthusiasm. Once again thank you for sharing not only your extensive knowledge and company but the great locations we visited. Look forward to meeting up again in the near future."

Nigel & Chris W - May 2014

"I'd like to start by saying what an absolute pleasure it was to spend time with you on the landscape photography workshop last week. It is amazing that you managed to cater for both my novice needs together with Tony's more advanced requirements; you pitched things brilliantly for us both and were wonderfully patient, accommodating and encouraging. Your great teaching skills and your amazing photography expertise meant that the whole experience was a complete joy and revelation. You have certainly opened my eyes to a whole new world of photography and a whole new hobby now awaits me, which is incredibly exciting; I will always credit you in the future for starting me on this road - I cannot thank you enough"

Bridget W - 2016

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for a great workshop yesterday, thank you for helping me to sort out the exposure and focusing on my camera. I am sure that I will be getting back to you soon to arrange another workshop, hopefully a full day one with my friend."

Julia M - Apr 2014

"Glad that you seem really busy and that you are getting a great reputation because your courses are superb."

Sarah W - 2016

"We had a great tutorial this morning. Thank you so much. Will DEFO book onto other courses"

Jackie W

"Being a member of Alton Camera Club and in the audience last Wednesday I would like to thank you for a truly brilliant evening. So much so that my favourite subject of landscape/seascape has found me searching your website for future workshops."

David G - 2017

"Thank you so much for today. We were a very wide group of experiences but I felt learnt everyone learnt something new. It was useful that you could go around on a 121 so that people could ask questions at their own level. I am very keen to try out some of the new ideas and know a little more about what I need to add to my equipment. I will spend some time getting more confident with my camera and try another of your workshops later in the year. Thanks again."

Doreen G - May 2014

"Hi Chris, thank you for a great session, I thought your level of preparation for the locations on Martin Down and your knowledge was exceptional."

Bernard B - 2015

"Thanks for this afternoon. It was exceptionally useful. I’ve spent another couple of hours playing with Photoshop. I know I’ve got so much more to learn but I can honestly say this was the most useful session of IT / software instruction I’ve ever had."

John S - 2016

"Thanks Chris – great day, great company. Much appreciated."

Paul T - 2015

"Patient, pitched for all abilities, knowledgeable and approachable. A great way to become more confident with your camera."

Kim S - June 2014

"I had a fantastic time and feel that I now have a basic understanding of how to use my camera but I am looking forward to learning much more! We are hoping to do one of your workshops so hopefully we will be in touch with you soon."

Colette J - 2015

"Great morning out, Summer, my daughter learnt a lot and you encourage her to want to know more. Thank you"

Julie D - May 2014

"Thank you for the comprehensive notes and for the informative workshop yesterday. It inspired me so much I was out in the fields at 6am this morning with camera and tripod in hand for the early morning mist and sunrise. The dogs thought Christmas had come early!"

Helen M

"I’ve just got back to France and I was very pleased to see your email detailing what you covered. I enjoyed the workshop a lot and have started using your hints and pieces of advice, and - behold! my pictures have greatly improved! Not to mention that I’ve learned a lot about using my camera much more efficiently. Thank you very much!"

Patrick J - 2015

"I really enjoyed this morning and think you are a fantastic teacher. I really appreciated the care you took answering my questions and the way your help is always clear and specific. I feel I learned a lot which is very exciting."

Helen P - Apr 2014

"Firstly, I would like to thank you for an excellent morning last Wednesday as not only did I learn a great deal but my enthusiasm for photography has been re-ignited! The indoor session worked for me as I think you need as much theory as you can get before you go out there to practice. The information and links you subsequently sent through is extensive and first class. I have already ordered the book and about to order filters (once I have decided what to buy) and a remote switch. I will purchase a wide angle lens in the near future and currently I am leaning towards the Sigma you quote in your notes. Once again sincere thanks for a very professional workshop - it is my intention to join you on a workshop next year but in the meantime I will try to turn the theory into practice!"

Ken W - 2014

"A fabulous in-depth, but without being overwhelming experience. Superbly presented with consideration to all levels and age. Thoroughly recommended and terrific value. Cant wait for the next one. 5*****"

Geoff D - 2015

"Chris was great. Very organised and skilled. I learnt much more than on longer more expensive courses. It has rekindled my enthusiasm. I can thoroughly recommend. "

Barry L - Feb 2014

"Many thanks for your email and your very comprehensive notes. I thought your workshop was excellent. I feel fully invigorated and look forward to applying my new knowledge. I would definitely like to attend future workshops, finances and time willing and would not hesitate to recommend you. Please can you continue to include me on your circulation list as its inspiring to see your photos"

Tony H - 2015

"Fantastic taster course! I'll be back in touch as want to do the Jurassic Coast one later in the year too. I had such a great morning and learned lots in just 3 hours...Excellent handouts and instructions, well organised. Friendly and considerate...Very impressed with the photoshoot and would definitely recommend...Well-presented session with many great tips followed by a comprehensive information sheet...Thank you Chris Button Photography, I plan on contacting you for some more tuition. You are most definitely worth spending money with for photography tuition...A brilliant and informative session that makes me want to continue...Thank you so much for an expert and professionally presented introductory lesson. I really want to learn more and will definitely be attending your other sessions throughout the year...Chris was great. Good explanations and fun workshop... An excellent afternoon that passed too quickly. I came away a lot more confident in using an SLR"

Various - 2014

"Hi Chris, Thoroughly enjoyed the course this morning, learnt so much in such a short time, thank you."

Karen N - 2015

"A first rate talk Chris, thanks. To any club programme organisers - I can highly recommend Chris as a speaker, he provides clear, well presented information on how to get the best from the situation backed up by some stunning images. One of the best evenings I've been to for a long time."

Brian W - 2015

"Thank you so much for a very enjoyable morning by the sea, and the insight into landscape photography. Your photo’s are truly inspiring, and i hope one day to try and get some photographs a little bit near the content of yours."

Helen B - 2015

"Chris, many thanks for a great day. I was very apprehensive thinking I would be too much a beginner and too old to learn modern digital concepts but you made it very relaxing and easy to absorb. Well done!"

David L Aug 2014

"Thank you so much for such an enjoyable and informative session. Not only are you an extremely skilful photographer, your photograph's are stunning, you are also a brilliant teacher. I learned so much from just one session, photographic terminology actually makes sense, I better know my own camera and I can't wait to put it all into practice. I will definitely be booking more sessions!"

Taster Session Participant - 2014

"Many thanks for a most enjoyable and informative course yesterday. I learnt so much! Now I have to put it into practice!"

Ian P - 2015

"Thanks for another lovely workshop - I really enjoyed it. They cheer me up and give me a real confidence boost with my developing camera skills."

Fay Q - 2016

"Great weekend, great fun, great locations, great tuition, great advice and great company"

Craig B - 2018

"Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the wonderful Landscape Course yesterday. Zoe is absolutely buzzing following the course and has captured some wonderful shots...your tuition has changed my photography for the better, looking over the shots from yesterday, I cannot believe that I took them !!! Huge thanks for an excellent course, Zoe and I will be back for the Jurassic Coast workshop and perhaps for a one to one session in a month or so. Brilliant day thanks so very much."

Sarah & Zoe - May 2014

"I would say that the way in which you communicated the Summer Butterflies workshop booking, the conduct of the workshop and the follow up information you provided has set the bar incredibly high for any other photography workshops that I attend in the future that may be organised by you or other photography professionals. The choice of location was excellent and I took over 250 images in the 1st location alone, an absolute testimony not only to the location itself but specifically your ability to spot the photographic subjects. I have nothing but praise for your help and will certainly attend more of your workshops in the future"

John L - Aug 2018

"Thank you for an enjoyable photo day yesterday, I enjoyed it very much. I would like to say it was a fantastic learning experience and a real camera lesson. I look forward to booking one of your other days, for the numbers they are real value for money."

Sonya O - June 1014

"Excellent would recommend to others"

Jan F - Apr 2014

"Many thanks for the hugely informative email which has now been printed to digest in slow time. I cannot thank you enough for all the information, tips and especially your time yesterday, it gave me a lot to think about. I can honestly say though your obvious passion for photography is extremely catching. Thanks again and will be looking to sign up for another course very soon."

Neil M - 2015

"Absolutely fantastic! Very good ability of dealing with people of different experiences. I didn't feel that the theory was too much, in fact it helped to support some of the knowledge I have already learned. Very keen to have one on one session once I have built on my current knowledge so that I get the most out of the day."

Chris H - Mar 2014

"Thanks Chris, that was a really informative and inspiring session."

Christine S - Mar 2014

"Firstly thank you for a great workshop, the 3 hours flew by and both Jan & I can’t remember learning so much in such a short time! The notes are great, providing a reference to every thing you covered. It was pitched at exactly the right level, giving us all the tools and inspiration to do more. We will certainly be signing up on one of your smaller group workshops soon."

David & Jan G - June 2014

"Hi Chris, thanks for a superb talk this evening. I was invited along as a guest of a club member and am so glad I went. You gave out so many useful hints and tips, and I can't wait to get out along the Dorset coastal path again with my camera. This time I'll be using the right aperture, "thirds" composition and properly focussed!"

Peter A - 2015

“I spent a day with Chris to help me make the transition from point and click to SLR before I bought the camera. Following an introduction to the basics we visited three different locations to put theory into practice. Chris is an excellent tutor, patient, helpful and passionate about his photography. I came away with a clear understanding what I wanted to do and the guarantee of follow-up help from Chris. I will be back for more of his workshops”

Meyrick W - Apr 2014

"Thanks for the notes, and thanks once again for facilitating such an enjoyable workshop last Sunday. My feedback to you is nothing but positive – your patience, insight, advice and gentle ‘correction’ all hugely appreciated "

Richard S - 2015

"I have just had a quick glance at the photos I took and really, I am astonished at the difference between No 1 and No 80 something...Thank you so much for all your hard work today and with these notes. Absolutely invaluable."

Maryanna R - Apr 2014

"I didn’t realise it was possible to learn so much about camera settings and photography in just 3 hours! Not only are you a very skilful photographer you are also a brilliant teacher and I am truly grateful to you for enthusing what I expect will be a very engaging hobby. Both Hilary and myself will be booking some of your photo courses in the new year."

Trish T - 2014

"Hi Chris, I had a fantastic day and now have much better understand of how I can get the most out a camera and its function. Thanks"

Colin B - 2015

"Superb for information, support, patience, value and professionalism as always. Highly recommended "

Geoff D - 2015

"Wanted to share what a great time I had on the recent New Forest workshop. I learnt loads and had a brilliant day. Many thanks to Chris Button Photography, you have helped me enormously both in taking and processing my images. Highly recommended"

Vanessa L

"Many thanks for a wonderful evening. "A speaker a cut above' 'What a superb evening'. Are just two comments I heard before I left the building. I'm sure I will hear more when the club meets next. You certainly wowed them, the preparation and detail was so impressive. The images were pretty good too! I look forward to joining you for a workshop sooner rather than later. Look forward to keeping in touch"

Rob T - 2016

"Hi Chris, just wanted to thank you for great course on 20/07/2016 at Bratley View, it was a great course full of content & practicality & presented in an easily understood manner - it put to bed many mysteries for me. Super course/workshop, have & will recommend it."

Derek T - 2016

"Thanks for the course at Lepe this morning Chris! It was very interesting and enjoyable, and it reignited my passion for photography. I will definitely be signing up for one of the smaller group courses at some point!"

Rich H - 2015

"Thank you for what you did yesterday, not just your excellent and patient tuition (and no doubt about it I gained important knowledge with equipment and techniques, which coupled with my previous knowledge, will significantly improve my ability to compose and take pictures) but also your kindness in driving us everywhere. I for one am definitely up for another session with you, especially your Dorset trip."

Glyn P - 2014

"Thank you for my 121 session with you yesterday. I enjoyed it immensely and am now much more confident about correct in camera exposure. You were patient with me and generous with your knowledge, pitching it at exactly the right level for me to feel that I have moved forward a big step in my ability to take the kind of landscape photos I desire. I look forward to spending time with you again in the future either on a different photo speciality or perhaps one of your other landscape courses. Thank you again for an exceptional day of instruction"

Geoff P - 2018

"I had a great evening out shooting with you (as always!) see you in a couple of weeks time"

Emily E - 2015

"Thank you for a very informative and enjoyable workshop. I learned a lot and it really helped me think more about what makes the difference between a good shot and boring shot. I’m definitely interested in taking part in some of your other workshops in the future."

Paul W - 2015

"Firstly, thank you so much for the comprehensive notes - they are brilliant and will be SO useful. I really did enjoy yesterday. As I mentioned, I usually find group or even 121 tuition daunting but can honestly say that I really did value and enjoy the time with you. You explain things clearly and have immense patience. It felt ‘ok’ to make mistakes!"

Michelle H

"An excellent morning. Highly recommended. Chris is very down to earth and very inclusive and encouraging."

Robert J - May 2014

"Thank you Chris for a fantastic course, your photos are inspirational! We both thoroughly enjoyed it, in fact Tom and I took what we learnt and tried it out at Lymington Quay on Sunday evening and will continue excitedly to enjoy our cameras now that we know what is going on in Manual! have given us the tools to truly enjoy documenting our travels, thank you and all the best!"

Max & Tom - Mar 2014

"Thank you for another great workshop. Very informative with the right amount of tuition. Many thanks again Pete"

Pete T - 2015

"I had an excellent day with Chris who carefully planned our day and took a great interest in our differing levels of skill and knowledge. He tailored the day to suit our level of capability and I think all of us got something different out of the day. I had no idea photos of a grey January day could be taken to look as spectacular as they did. I was impressed by his patient teaching and explanation of technical subjects which I previously had not understood. I cannot recommend highly enough and even a few hours of tuition has taken my skills to the next level"

Jamie L - 2018

"Thank you for an amazing time in Cornwall, I learnt so much about so many things, now I just have to keep practicing and remember it all. You have such a wonderful enthusiasm for photography and I am sure it has rubbed off on us. You have an ability to make everyone feel at ease, that is a gift, do not lose it."

Christine D - 2018

"thank you for a brilliant day yesterday - it delivered everything that I had hoped for and a lot more. Not only did I appreciate your photographic skills but your wildlife knowledge was truly amazing. I now feel confident to go out on my own and explore the natural world. I’ve not yet downloaded them onto my computer but just checking them yesterday evening in camera there are some really great photographs. Doubtless I will be seeking your help to identify most of the species!! Thanks again for a memorable day"

Gareth M - 2016

"Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the Jurassic Coast course on Saturday, I am blown away by how much I learnt on the course and it has really given me the skills I was looking for to make full use of both my camera and the wide angle lens and to improve my overall photography. The location was superb and the whole day was so much fun. I was so pleased with the pictures when I reviewed them last night and my beach shot of the receding sea has shot up to popular (how proud am I !!.) Thank you so much for your wonderful Course and excellent tuition, see you one Friday soon for some Lightroom training."

Sarah W - 2014

"Hi Chris, Brilliant presentation this evening, stunning photographs. People I spoke to afterwards said how much they'd learned from all the info you shared and how your talk was one of the best held at the club."

Maggie H - 2015

"Having completed two sessions with you now, and they couldn’t be further apart (Macro & Land/Seascape), I would just like to register my sincere appreciation for your time and effort both in preparation for, during and after both sessions. Many of us can look but don’t necessarily see what is in front of us, I have to say that on the Macro session you certainly showed me what and how to look for the subject(s). The affable way in which you impart bite sized chunks, supported by demonstrations and followed up by written notes, makes for a good all round tutorial. All of this coupled with the additional links to equipment, suggested reading materials and more, will ensure that I would recommend you to anyone interested in starting or developing their photographic skills. Many thanks Chris & I look forward to working with you again."

Paul S - 2014

"Very glad I attended, highlighted areas I was unsure of, very encouraging & enjoyable session. Am keen to take up opportunities to attend further classes"

Taster Session Participant - 2014

"Hi Chris, May I say a big thanks for Saturday. I learned a lot and will use it in the future. A great day out and worth every penny . Sure I will do another one in the future."

Steve C - 2015

"Hi Chris, Love getting your pictures, they are beautiful. A couple of days ago I came across one of your photos across a two page spread in the magazine Sailing Today. It was magnificent, and if it hadn't had a white box in the bottom left hand corner with your details etc on it I would have put it on my wall immediately. It was a real pleasure to look at it. More power to your elbow."

Patricia L - 2015

"Thank you Chris for such an interesting workshop, you cater really well for a range of abilities and you explain things clearly and simply. We found you approachable and friendly without the ‘preciousness’ that some other tutors have. I am looking forward to signing up for another workshop soon."

Toni C - Apr 2014

"Thanks so much Chris for the great course. I will be asking father Christmas for some filters! The notes are really helpful too. I will definitely consider a workshop in the Spring"

Liz R - 2014

"Hi Chris, Thank you for a brilliant day on the Dorset Coast, the best I have had for ages. It is a gift to be able to transfer skills and knowledge, you are a fantastic tutor and an amazing landscape photographer. I look forward to our next workshop and now know the level I want to aspire to. Many thanks"

Adrian R - 2016

Thanks for a superb few days last week. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was really pleased with the photos that came out of it. Great locations, it is clear you have done your homework and identified best locations at best time of day re tide/ sun etc etc. Excellent explanations and guidance from yourself. You have great skill and knowledge and a very nice relaxed teaching approach which really helps"

Craig B 2016

"Really enjoyable photography workshop. Chris's is an excellent teacher as well as photographer."

Anon - 2015

"Chris, Thanks once again for coming to the rescue. I could hardly drag myself away from the computer last night I was so amazed at the difference on screen with my photos. Tonight I'll print some off. Mike has ordered the 'thingy' for calibrating the computer screen so it will be interesting to see if we actually notice any change. Mikes computer is much older than mine so he might see a change, mine might be more subtle. We know far less than we ever imagined!!"

Maggie H - 2015

"Beautiful photography. A great purchase. Highly recommended."

Jo G - Mar 2014

"Chris agreed to photograph our daughter's naming ceremony and we're so glad he did. He showed a real commitment to making sure we got a great record of the day, visiting the venue before the event to think about lighting and good positions for shots, calling us in advance of the day and arriving early on the day to again check he was well set-up. He got a great set of images both formal and informal and really captured the spirit of the day. He also got the finished edited versions of the photos over to us really quickly, in both hi-res and low-res so that we had ones for printing and ones for sharing online. We were really happy with the results and would definitely recommend Chris."

Jevon S - 2015

"I just wanted to say that I think your work is stunning, I saw your Durdle Door picture and others hanging at Moors Valley Country Park. So beautiful I could hardly tear my eyes away"

Jess C - 2015

"The photos are absolutely beautiful, I am so pleased with them – I spent 15mins looking at them all once everyone had gone home last night and they really are quite beautiful and all so different – each time I look at them I see something different. They have gone down really well in the office as well. Thank you so much for all you have done and I am really looking forward to working with you again".

Julie W - Apr 2014

"It was a real privilege to see your exhibition at Moors Valley today. I really had to let you know how much I appreciated the sheer quality of your work. As an amateur who dabbles in landscapes I can see the total attention to detail combined with vision for the wider perspective and composition. And I assume you must use top notch printing judging from what we saw today."

Jonathan M

"My order was received today. The photos are beautiful. I have purchased them for my friend who emigrated to Australia, as a little reminder of her roots......she will be very pleased."

Jo G - Mar 2014

"today was enormous fun and enormously informative. Your passion for your subject is infectious. You judged your audience well - certainly in my case - and kept things crystal clear and super simple. Thus no technological crises for the technologically illiterate. No mean feat. Thank you again."

Jamie B

"A brilliant lecture last evening; the best I have attended by far! It was very informative & it was also great to see so many of your lovely images. You were certainly kept busy all the while and I don`t think you even had time to drink your coffee!"

Heath G-H - 2016

"Just wanted to say thank you again for leading such an enjoyable West Cornwall workshop. I learned a tremendous amount, yet at the same time was really able to enjoy my photography for the first time in a while. Your planning was meticulous, and ability to find breaks in the weather uncanny!"

Richard S - 2017

"Thank you very much for this morning’s instruction. I thought it was well organised, at the right level of detail and well delivered ensuring that all participants needs were met. The chance to experiment in a guided way and without any pressure was invaluable and after having quickly reviewed my photos there are some very good shots. I have taken away many things from this morning regarding landscape photography and will practice them to continue to improve. The major learning moment for me was the use of hyperfocal distance and switching to manual from auto focusing. I now have the confidence to use manual focusing and this technique much more. The written notes and guidance/ links are also first class and in an understandable form I can print off and keep with me as an aide memoire"

David G - May 2014

"A superb talk at Bournemouth Electric Camera Club last night, Chris. An excellent balance of theory and practical advice, backed up by a tremendous set of images. You have certainly inspired me and opened my eyes to some potential locations that I have not previously considered. Many thanks and continued success!"

Nigel - 2014

"Thank you so much for your terrific talk on Thursday evening. It was enjoyed by everyone and we really appreciated the technical tips and ideas that went with the photos. I cannot thank you enough for stepping in at the last moment and we all thought that your talk was our best of the year."

Anne R - 2015

"Thank you for the follow up notes and very informative photo workshop yesterday. It was really well presented and inspiring, your pictures are amazing. I look forward to joining you again on another of your workshops."

Paul K - 2014

"Thanks for a great afternoon. I learnt a lot, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Although a complete beginner, you never made me feel stupid or useless, and I will definitely booking further courses with you in the future - the only difficulty is choosing which one!"

Diane F - 2014

"That's brilliant Chris, Thanks so much for the useful Lightroom notes and screen shot web settings. You have helped me enormously. I've enjoyed playing around with Lightroom and getting to grips with the editing tools. Your attached notes have helped clarify areas where I was struggling a little particularly re adjustments for printing. The next thing I need to do is to purchase some photo paper and download the compatible software."

Vanessa L

"If I am honest, you are the most helpful photographer I have ever met. I have approached others in respect of a comment of great image where abouts was it taken? And been met with frosty replies where people don't want to share info. Some photographers are under a very selfish illusion that some locations have been found by them and should not be shared. You are incredibly helpful with info about locations and printing... and queries I have! You have no idea how much i appreciate it."


"Thanks for a brilliant morning in the New Forest, Chris - thoroughly enjoyed the workshop."

Dee D - Apr 2014

"I had a fab day yesterday and really enjoyed myself. Not only did I learn some valuable Macro photography tips, your friendly and patient approach made me feel at ease enabling me to feel more confident and take better photos. It was such a friendly group and I had a great afternoon. Thank you so much."

Vanessa L - 2015

"As always Chris your photos are stunning and I would like to thank you for all your dedicated tuition on my recent Dorset group session. I had such a good time in a wonderful location with some great people and learned a lot too! Also I really appreciated your follow-up notes, very comprehensive and helpful. I can’t wait until my next session, (even though it isn’t booked yet-hubby is copied into this email and Christmas ideas are really useful!) hopefully I would have mastered my tripod head by then!

Trish T - 2015

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course on Thursday and went out Friday, Saturday and Sunday to practise my composition. I really enjoyed the relaxed nature of Thursday morning. You were very approachable and available; I didn’t feel silly asking basic questions, as a beginner these things can be quite daunting. I found it especially useful when you showed us how to do things using your own camera – I find it much easier to learn that way. All in all extremely helpful and I’m sure you will be seeing me again on one of your courses soon."

Jenny N - May 2014

"I really admire your work and every interaction I have ever had with you has been notable for the incredible care and generosity with which you have responded and the clarity of your explanations"

Helen P - 2015

"Fantastic talk - Chris was a great speaker, he showed a lot of interesting images, gave lots of interesting useful and valuable advice and left the members buzzing. Thank you!"

Southampton Camera Club Aug 17

"I had a fantastic afternoon on Sunday. It was really great to meet you and Jamie. The locations we visited were really inspiring, and I will certainly return to each of them. I will definitely book another day with you later in the year."

Andy N - 2016

"I thought that you had an easy style which put everyone at their ease. I particularly liked the way that you took time to talk to the group as a whole followed by some 1:1 time. I felt that as a result of this my understanding of composition (something I wanted to improve) developed further. I also liked the fact that you encouraged us all to take our time and think things through - making suggestions that pointed towards a different line of thinking than would have perhaps occurred naturally! I also liked the follow up email and very datelined notes that you sent to each of us. This (for me) was something that put the workshop above some of the others that I have attended. It means that I can refer back to these and use them when I can't quite remember what to do - something that happens a bit more often nowadays! Thank you for the workshop, it was very worthwhile and helped me enormously."

Darren N - 2015

"Many thanks for the workshop and the notes yesterday. It was a fantastic afternoon, and I learned so much!"

Ian R - 2016

"Thank you for a great session have whetted my appetite and now I cannot wait to upgrade my camera and get the additional filters which will help massively. Thank you also for the advice and links."

Brin H - Mar 2014

"I really enjoyed the workshop, it was very informative and I really feel I have learned some great tips. You made it seem really easy and the notes are great for reference in the future, I certainly want to do a coastal workshop and may well drag my sister along for a Dorset coast experience, I will come back to you in the coming weeks to arrange something. Once again many thanks Chris, I was quite worried I didn't know enough before the workshop but you made me feel comfortable and helped me achieve some images I am actually really proud of"

Denise H

"I thought the course was excellent. I think you covered a lot of ground and there was something for all levels. I thought the location you chose was also very good."

Harry B - 2015

"Thank you again ever so much for the day yesterday! I thoroughly enjoyed it and am so grateful to you for showing me how to achieve the results I asked about! I am so excited now to invest in some more equipment and get back out taking some more photos and would be thrilled to ever achieve any images on a par with yours!"

Jasmine B - Jan 2014