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Lesser Twayblade

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Lesser Twayblade

Reference: FF81
Location: Cliburn Moss, Cumbria
Gallery: Flowers (mainly Orchids),

There is a good population of the lovely delicate Lesser Twayblade at Cliburn Moss. The warden had given me good directions and had said that the plants were indicated with white plastic markers. As we got closer we noticed that there were dozens and dozens of white markers tightly packed together although it was slightly baffling that there appeared to be no flowers there. After a short while we realised that most of the markers indicated non-flowering plants as demonstrated by a tiny single pair of glossy heart shaped leaves. Soon we started finding a few fully flowering individuals, it took a while to get your eye in as they were far smaller than I had expected but beautifully delicate. This is my 46th Orchid in Britain, only 4 to go!