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Stair Hole

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Stair Hole

Reference: DO179
Location: Dorset
Gallery: Dorset,

With the sun rising ever higher we decided to head down into Stair Hole. There was quite a bit of energy in the water and so a longish exposure of the water in the cove could look good. It’s quite tricky descending here as landslips continually change the best route down. We took up a position near the water’s edge being careful to keep the angle to include the gap. I’ve not shot here since I got the 14mm lens and so I was pleased to be able to shoot wide enough to include the sharp peak above the cove. I tried various ND filters and finally settled on a shutter speed of 3 seconds. This is a high contrast scene but thankfully the Nikon D800 has a great dynamic range and it was fairly straightforward brightening the shadows in post processing.