Chris Button Photography

Capture & Process

Capture & Process

Capture & Process

£125.00 per person

Location: on location and then your home
Max Attendees: 1
Group Pricing:

Please choose an available date:

What you will learn

Other than any specific requests you have I would expect to cover:

  • Exposure and metering, switching to manual settings.
  • Focussing and maximising depth of field
  • Filtration - using graduated filters to balance the exposure difference between lighter skies and darker foregrounds. Also polarisers and long exposure filters
  • Histograms – an essential tool to ensure maximum detail is captured & nothing lost
  • Composition – some basic rules to help you obtain a well balanced composition
  • Understanding the benefits of shooting in RAW as opposed to jpeg
  • Organising your photos and developing an effective workflow to get more done in less time.
  • Get to know suitable settings for many adjustment sliders such as white balance, exposure, contrast, shadows, highlights, black point, white point, vibrance, saturation, noise reduction and sharpening.
  • Make your images pop, remove flaws and defects, straighten horizons and crop effectively.
  • In short, get the best quality finished photo.


On the day you will need as much of the following equipment as possible:

  • A digital SLR
  • Lightroom, Photoshop or Photoshop Elements
  • Lenses with a range of focal lengths including wide angle (if you use Nikon you can borrow my lenses if you do not have anything suitable)
  • A sturdy tripod (essential)
  • Whatever filters you have. We will use graduated filters, a polariser and long exposure filters (I can provide all of these if you do not have them already)
  • Warm clothing including wellies depending on where we go